TFT Partnership Trainings

Reading our reality and writing our own history.
Paulo Freire

TFT provides tailor-made trainings designed to meet specific needs of the requesting FBO’s, CBOs or  NGO’s. The topics, venue, number of participants and number of trainings are established in the partnership agreement.  Partnership trainings prepare teams of activists, trainers and facilitators with skills and tools to engage with communities in order to empower them to take ownership and control of development programmes in a sustainable manner. Its effectiveness derives from the cycle reflection/action/reflection through long term teams accompanying and refresher trainings.

During COVID-19 TFT trainings can be held online or on-site.

Main Themes

Self–discovery and personal development
Paulo Freire’s critical conscientization
Gender and Feminism
Political Economy
Social mobilization
Organizational Development
Strategic Thinking and Planning

For more info please contact + 27 (0) 28 271 5999 or send an email to

Mosaiko Environmental Awareness June 2022 

Zambia Governance Foundation March 2022

Papua Training March 2022 

United Methodist Women Zimbabwe March 2022

Mosaiko Module 6 – February 2021 

Women of Farms Project TFT Refresher Course – January 2021

Women of Farms Project South Africa
– ‘Do no Harm’ – February 2020

Tekano Health Equity South Africa
– March 2020

United Methodist Women Sierra Leone
– February 2020

United Methodist Women Mozambique
– February 2020

Mosaiko – Institute for Citizenship Module 4
– March 2020

Mosaiko – Institute for Citizenship Module 5 – July 2020 (Zoom)