TFT Palestine

Training for Transformation Palestine
For 10 days in April 2014 five facilitators and community activists from Palestine, Europe and South Africa travelled the length and breadth of Palestinian civil society, both in the West Bank and in Israel, meeting and speaking with various organisations and individuals from the grassroots resistance struggles. This study tour was done with the aim of creating a program tailored specifically to Palestine, its unique struggle, and to its leaders and inspirers endeavouring to make change in their communities.

In early 2015 we will hold a two week long human rights empowerment programme in 2015 in Palestine facilitated by some of the world’s leading popular education facilitators. Participants will learn with the world renowned Training for Transformation (TfT) movement born out of Steve Biko’s ‘Black Consciousness Movement’ and incredible fearless community activists from across Africa. The second phase will take place in late Spring 2015 for another two weeks. The programme is delivered within an ‘action-reflection’ cycle whereby between the two phases the participant, with support from facilitators, carry out they skills they have learnt in the training to empower their communities and, in the second phase, deepen their skills by reflecting on what was good, and what could be better next time. The research phase is after the second two weeks, where for two months, participants carry out a long term project in their communities to raise critical consciousness and action for strategic change.

The project will bring together activists and organizers from across Africa with their counterparts in Palestine. Participants will have the chance to reflect on the societal processes and personal voyages that brought them to where they are now. TfT will equip them with the tools to engage critically with popular education as activists to transform society. The week training for transformation program is aimed at activists and community activists who have spent a considerable time mobilising and knowing their community, however and wherever in the West Bank, Gaza, Jerusalem and historic Palestine.

How to Donate and Support

For the entire programme for 30-40 participants, including the teaching and research phases – the costs come to $116,660 / £ / Arabic. This includes preparation costs, travel, accommodation, food, phone, individual mentoring, internet and resources.

• If you are a philanthropist, individual, funder and / or organisation who would like to donate please contact for the details. Every contribution, small or large, will bring the end of the occupation closer.
• If you are an organisation or with the press please do get in contact ASAP so we can raise interest and further support.
We will keep in touch through regular newsletters and social media. We have TfT organisers in many countries across the world – from South Africa, Sudan, Germany, United States, Philippines, United Kingdom and many more who would love to speak further and share ideas for building programmes in your community.

By Dan Glass